Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mormons Preach That You're "Better Off Dead!!"(Video)

Mormon Prophets and Apostles, have taught for a long time, that people are literally "BETTER OFF DEAD, in a casket or pine box, than immoral or unclean."

NONE of the teachings and Mormon doctrines in this video have EVER been apologized for or repudiated and are STILL sold daily in Mormon owned Deseret, Seagull and BYU bookstores.

This proves that current Mormon leaders STILL believe these awful doctrines and they promote them daily and profit from them.

Like they teach; "you're better off dead and clean, then alive and unclean or immoral."

Please young people, don't ever believe these awful teachings of Mormonism, from these EVIL men, who promote and encourage your deaths!!

When Spencer W. Kimball teaches that immorality of any kind, leads to depression and is "the building blocks to suicide", don't believe him, he is a LIAR.

Your life is worth far more than this DAMN MORMON cult and their hideous, man-made teachings, only created to instill fear, so that they can then control your mind and body!!

Here is a post I wrote on my Mormon Truth blog regarding this subject.

Here is a link to the podcast I recorded on "Better Off Dead."

It is truly SICK!! How many people have become depressed and committed suicide, listening to and believing these evil, vile and horrific teachings? How much loss of life has their been?

Here is a link to the Mormon's horrific First Presidency message from September 1981, entitled, "We Believe in Being Chaste", by Marion G. Romney, that is referenced in the video.

Here is the link to "Sin & Death in Mormon Country: A Latter-day Tragedy", which is the story of Kip Eliason, who I mention at the end of the video; as I dedicate this video to him and his sad life, that was tragically cut way too short.

His story is a truly tragic one and how many other Kip Eliasons have there been and how many more will there be in the future?

Please spread this video and these links to as many people as possible, in order to help as many as people as we can, to either leave the Mormon cult or not join it in the first place and then be able to help others.

In the process, we'll be able to help expose Mormonism for the evil, vile, death cult that it truly is and always has been.

People do not need to be raising their impressionable young children in a cult, where they are taught that they're literally "BETTER OFF DEAD" than immoral.

The Mormon church still hands out the book "A Miracle Of Forgiveness", to anyone, especially the youth, that have gone to the Bishop and confessed a moral transgression.

The Mormon cult has a shrine built for this EVIL book and its Author and former Prophet Spencer W. Kimball, talking about how many people it has helped, in the Mormon cult's museum of history, right across the street from temple square, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Every quote in this video is 100% real, accurate and easily verifiable for those that want to check them out and verify them for themselves, which I strongly encourage everyone to do.

Please protect your children and everyone you can, from this nasty, Mormon cult of death!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mormon Truth Uncensored #'s 6-9-Discussing The PBS Documentary "The Mormons" With Demon Of Kolob.

MTU #6-Discussing "The Mormons"-Part 1

MTU #7-Discussing "The Mormons"-Part 2

MTU #8-Discussing "The Mormons"-Part 3

MTU #9-Discussing "The Mormons"-Part 4

This is parts 1-4, with Demon of Kolob and myself, discussing the PBS Documentary entitled "The Mormons", which was shown on April 30 and May 1, 2007 on PBS.

The purpose and necessity of this podcast, was for us to be able to tell the "real truth" and "complete truth" regarding Mormonism and what was covered and not covered in this Documentary.

We felt the need to talk openly to the world and especially those Mormons that are currently on the fence and those that are currently investigating Mormonism and to tell the whole, complete truth, that wasn't covered by or discussed in this documentary, as there was a lot that was missed or intentionally not mentioned.

Mormon missionaries are lying to the world every single day, just doing what they've been taught and trained to do, both growing up and in the MTC specifically, and someone has to have the back of the innocent people that are being lied to and completely deceived by the Mormon snake oil salesmen.

This documentary surprisingly covered a lot of important and very controversial things, but also left out a ton of things and important details, that are very important for people to know, when they are making the life changing/family altering decision of deciding whether to stay in or join and dedicate themselves to the Mormon church/cult.

I will put the audio links to all 4 parts, right here on this post, as well as adding some additional informative links, so stay tuned here to Mormon Truth Uncensored, for this podcast and many more to come.

If you haven't already subscribed through iTunes, fell free to do so, by following the link to the right.

Hopefully our insights will help a lot of people out there and we look forward to your comments here on the Mormon Truth Uncensored Podcast blog.

You can also Email us directly:

Samuel the Utahnite

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mormon Truth Uncensored #5-My Response To A Guy who calls himself "Jose/Raul The Real Lamanite"

MP3 File

This is my response to a commenter who calls himself Jose "the real Lamanite." I discuss his comments where he said:

"I have a theory about you and you Hinkley hating. Its this:

You served in argentina, they F'd your mind up, you come back states, marry in the temple but can't stop mastubating (hence all those post on mastubation). You where probably told off by Mickelsen, or told by him to stop playing with your dick, so hate him too."

Yeah, it's amazing how he nailed it with that comment and his very deep and intelligent insights....LOL....NOT!!

I also respond to some other things he's said and his main question of how do I dismiss the whole "feelings" thing in the church. He again has his own theory on how to "'prove' the church false."

Jose also says:

"You know you will never fully succeed in this endevour because your not attacking what keeps the church alive, and that is the presence of the spirit. To 'prove' the church false you'd need to somehow get the spirit to leave meetings. Only way to do that, I'm convinced, is to get everyone hooked on porn or, like you, masturbation. Entiende??"

Yeah, this man is obsessed, just like his Mormon Hierarchy and leaders, with the masturbation issue, but has since backed off it a little. He was leaving better, more intelligent comments, that actually had something to do with the issues and why us ex-Mormons leave the church, but now has reverted back to racist and perverted comments and insults and is the first person that I've banned from my blog. I will not tolerate blatant racists on my blog, since I've been fighting so hard against the racist Mormon teachings and history, which they refuse to apologize for.

This was the final comment, that got his ass booted, with the main part highlighted in red. As you can see, he really respects his wife a lot too:

"Neither is Ted Bundy's family responsible for his outrageous acts, nor Dalmers family.. nor my family responsible for my insults here, nor Samuel's Young Mens President responsilbe for Samuel apostacy even if the man raped Samuel the Utahnite (white boy!), nor is Utah society responsible for making Mitchell a kiddnapper...ahhhhhh I'm going to try to get laid now to calm me down a bit (if I can still trick my wife into wanting me!!!!!!!!!)"

It's amazing that he considers himself to be a good Mormon, with a fairly high calling and of course a temple recommend which he obviously obtains through lying about his worthiness, as we can all clearly see. He is a horrible example of a "good Mormon" and is an embarrassment to himself, family, friends and any good Mormon or Christian. You can read the comments of this post, to see what "Jose" said and what our responses were.

Good Riddance Jose/Raul!!

Samuel the Utahnite

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mormon Truth Uncensored #4-Van Hale And The Historicity Of The Book Of Mormon

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"I'm not persuaded that the Book of Mormon is a translation of an ancient history." - Van Hale-September 18, 2005

"I am not persuaded that the detail in the Book of Mormon is detail pertaining to people that anciently lived on the Americas."- Van Hale-September 18, 2005

"Well, my point of view regarding the plates is that the plates did exist, that they were delivered to Joseph Smith by an angel and they were shown to witnesses of the Book of Mormon and that gave them something tangible to testify about, that they had seen the plates and handled them but I don't think that Joseph Smith was, that the Book of Mormon relates to anything that was on the plates. It was, I don't know what word to use to, without, without it sounding crude, but uh, the only word I can think of is the idea of a prop."-Van Hale-September 18, 2005

This podcast deals with the Mormon apologist/talk show host Van Hale and his views on what exactly the Book of Mormon is, since he believes that it is not an actual history of the people that lived in ancient America, which is what the Mormon Hierarchy have taught and believed since 1830. I sent him an Email during the show on Sunday and he only read the first 3 lines and was amazed and astonished at my inability to comprehend what he had actually said earlier in the show.

So, in this podcast, I will read the rest of the Email that I sent him, that he didn't read and let you hear for yourself, what he actually said, that prompted my Email and you can all decide for yourselves, what he said, versus what Van Hale thinks he said.

But, to say that the historicity of the BOM isn't "emphasized" by the Mormon Hierarchy, which would include being taught in seminary, in Sunday School, institute classes, in General Conferences, in Ensigns, by missionaries and the BOM itself, is a flat out lie and deception by Van Hale. The Church does emphasize it and always has, in all of the places I just mentioned above. What is the purpose of FARMS, now officially part of BYU since 1997, thanks to Hinckley?

It is so amazing that Van Hale, actually believes that the "golden plates" were just a "prop", to have something tangible for the witnesses of the BOM to see and feel. Wow, that would be outright deceit, by Joseph Smith and the Mormon God, wouldn't it? I guess we are back to lying for the Lord again, aren't we? I don't even think that Daniel Peterson would dare take it that far and he's about as bad as it gets with the Apologetics, or so I thought.

Van Hale doesn't believe that what is contained in the BOM, has anything to do with what was on the plates. Amazing, I know, but this is how far his beliefs have slipped into very deep cognitive dissonance, in order to keep his testimony of the Mormon Church.

Randy Jordan called his understanding of what is contained in the BOM(as you can clearly see from above), as "inspired fiction", which Van Hale then refuted and asked Randy, "do you not think that you have the ethical obligation to be accurate?" I think Randy Jordan nailed it perfectly!!

I mean, this Van Hale guy is ridiculous!! I don't even think that he knows or remembers what comes out of his own mouth and if he does, doesn't comprehend what it means, because he uses apologetics on himself and his own words, while everyone else can see right through him and his words. As screwed up as the beliefs of Mormonism are, Van Hale's understanding of these screwed up beliefs, is beyond belief and takes it all to a whole new level.

Let me get this straight, Grant Palmer gets called to a "court of love" and disfellowshipped after about 6 hours, for writing a book exposing Mormonism(including the falsity of the BOM), which the Church sells for 2 years in Jesus' personal bookstore(Deseret Book) and which they still sell in the BYU bookstore(which is part of Jesus' one and only true and living university); and Van Hale can say whatever he wants about anything to do with Mormon Doctrine(even that the book of Mormon is not historic) and nothing happens to him?

On February 6, 2005 , Van Hale released his "official statement" of what he believes the Book of Mormon is and it is an interesting read for those that are interested in reading the deepest depths of Mormon cognitive dissonance.

There is something strange going on with this Van Hale situation and maybe it's just the typical hypocritical BS that always goes on within Mormonism, as it just always depends on who you know and whose palms are getting greased. Van Hale used to have access to the vaults, pre-Mark Hoffman, so who knows? I'm sure he knows way more than he would ever tell us.

I then discuss the "official position" that the Mormon Hierarchy takes on the Book of Mormon historicity and Deconstructor also has done a great page on this, with most of the same quotes. Simply put; you cannot be a good, upstanding, true believing member of the Church and be allowed to openly have the opinion that Van Hale has of the Book of Mormon. Many others, that have had this very opinion, have been either excommunicated or disfellowshipped. I just want to know how Van Hale gets away with it, while others are punished.

On Mormon website), on the page where non-members go to order a free Book of Mormon, to find out just what the hell it is, it says:

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, is a record of God's dealings with the inhabitants of ancient America.

The Title page of the Book of Mormon says:

The Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible. It is a record of God’s dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and contains, as does the Bible, the fulness of the everlasting gospel.

The book was written by many ancient prophets by the spirit of prophecy and revelation. Their words, written on gold plates, were quoted and abridged by a prophet-historian named Mormon. The record gives an account of two great civilizations. One came from Jerusalem in 600 B.C., and afterward separated into two nations, known as the Nephites and the Lamanites.

The other came much earlier when the Lord confounded the tongues at the Tower of Babel. This group is known as the Jaredites. After thousands of years, all were destroyed except the Lamanites, and they are the principal ancestors of the American Indians.

The crowning event recorded in the Book of Mormon is the personal ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ among the Nephites soon after his resurrection. It puts forth the doctrines of the gospel, outlines the plan of salvation, and tells men what they must do to gain peace in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come.

After Mormon completed his writings, he delivered the account to his son Moroni, who added a few words of his own and hid up the plates in the hill Cumorah. On September 21, 1823, the same Moroni, then a glorified, resurrected being, appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith and instructed him relative to the ancient record and its destined translation into the English language.

So, you guys tell me, does the introduction page in the Book of Mormon, make it sound like an "ACTUAL HISTORY OF ANCIENT INHABITANTS OF AMERICA, THAT ARE THE PRINCIPAL ANCESTORS OF AMERICAN INDIANS?" Sorry Van Hale, my misunderstanding I guess!!

I ask again, how is Van Hale able to get away with this, while Simon Southerton and Brent Metcalfe get excommunicated for espousing similar views and Grant Palmer was disfellowshipped? Your guess is as good as mine, but there can be no doubt what the Church emphasizes regarding the BOM, since it is right on the introduction page of the Book of Mormon. To say otherwise is deceitful, a lie and completely ridiculous and absurd.

Enjoy everyone and please leave your comments!!

Samuel the Utahnite

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mormon Truth Uncensored #3-More On The Brutal Assault And Rape Of Two Mormon Sister Missionaries In South Africa

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Okay guys, I had to do more follow-up on this horrific and awful situation!! First of all, in the news article that I shared with you guys last week, in podcast MTU #2, about the brutal and horrific robbery, gang rape and assault of these two young women, the mission president, Brock Jolley, was quoted as saying:

"The two 'sisters' voluntarily gave up 18 months of their lives to make a difference in this country.

"Now, they're getting the best care money can buy. When this is over, they plan to remain in South Africa and complete their missionary work."

So, Mr. Danny Brock, pathetic mission president, of Bountiful Utah, wanted to make sure that everyone knew that these two sisters, despite being gang raped, most likely at knife point, for as long as 2 hours, robbed and one of them shot in the stomach, that "they plan to remain in South Africa and complete their missionary work."

He also wanted to reassure everyone how safe the area was, and what a safe time of day it was, in order to cover his own ass, along with the Mormon Church's, when he said the following:

"They were walking alongside a busy road (the old Harding highway), which they knew well. Moreover, it was one of the busiest times of the day with cars whizzing past. Safer than that, you would not get."

Now, one of the main reasons that I'm doing this follow-up to what I said in podcast #2, is because the ABC affiliate, Channel 4, here in Salt Lake, interviewed Danny Brock's daughter about the situation and she is nothing but a brainwashed member of the Mormon cult, whose dad is a mission president in said cult. You can go and read the transcript of the interview, which I cover in this podcast and I also encourage everyone to watch the actual video interview, in order to see the far off, cult look in her eyes.

Her final statement, that pretty much sums things up in perfect TBM form, was:

"Bad things happen everywhere and it's unfortunate. My heart goes out to those poor sisters and their families but the work must go on."

Molly is just reminding us of the fact that the cold and heartless Mormon Church hierarchy doesn't really care what happens to any of their members, especially the volunteer missionaries, as M. Russell Ballard says (right after the deaths of Elders Benjamin Ellsworth and Morgan W. Young and the 2 Elders in New Zealand):

"This work will continue to go forward regardless of what happens, regardless of what the future may hold. If there are other missionaries that are hurt or other missionaries that are killed, it will not stop this work."

Text of the remark

Audio of the remark

For those of you considering a mission for the Mormon cult, please reconsider, because they will not protect you or care one iota about you, even if you die, get sick or seriously injured. The number one objective, once you are under their control, and I mean CONTROL, is that you finish your mission.

If necessary, they will send you to unsafe areas and countries, in order to further their agenda of numbers, baptisms, image and tithing dollars. If you die, the work will go on, without missing a beat and oh yeah, those "holy, magic garments" will not protect you if somebody shoots you, hits you with a car, rapes you, or assaults you, so just stay home, don't believe their fairy tales and go to school, marry the girl or guy that you love and continue on with your life and you'll be much better off in the long run.

After all, you don't have to serve a Mormon mission, in order to have an experience abroad and learn another language.

Take care everyone and thanks again for your support!!

Samuel the Utahnite

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mormon Truth Uncensored #2-Christians, Hinckley And Many Other Miscellaneous Topics

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This podcast includes a little bit of everything and is just a hodgepodge of topics and things that are and have been on my mind.

This podcast was recorded on the 4th of July, so I first give a shout out to the troops and thank them for all that they do, along with their families, to ensure us the freedoms here in America and others, in other parts of the world, to do such things as record and listen to this podcast.

I want to thank all the troops, from all over the world, that are fighting terrorism in unity, to protect us and our families and our countries.


I then start off talking about the horrific gang rape of two sister missionaries in South Africa, which is considered to be the Gang rape Capital of the world.

I also comment about Hinckley's new self-named building/visitor's center at BYU-Provo and what a huge, massive deal it was for the Church to publicize it, disgustingly so I might add. If only I could touch that same shovel he touched....please!!

I talk about Jeffrey Nielsen, the BYU professor that came out in opposition of the Mormon First Presidency and their views on homosexuals and their rights to be able to marry.

I talk about the judgmental Christian view of things and how ridiculous and hypocritical it is for them to be judging and condemning anyone that doesn't believe exactly as they do, while condemning Mormons for doing the same exact thing. Now I'm not sure who's worse, the Christian activists or the Mormon die-hards and hierarchy.

I also talk about comments on my blogs and my 1 year anniversary of being out of the Mormon cult, along with a few other things. Again, I thank all of you for your support and lets keep it rolling and help as many people as we can, to discover the truth of the Mormon cult and/or deal with the discovery of the Mormon fraud.

Samuel the Utahnite

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mormon Truth Uncensored #1-Van Hale

MP3 File

***Update-June 19, 2006***The anti-Mormon God has intervened or conquered the Mormon God, or maybe hell just froze over twice, because iTunes has accepted my podcast. Can you believe it? That gives me hope that I can somehow get my other main podcast, "MORMON TRUTH" re-listed.

To subscribe to this podcast, through iTunes, just simply click the iTunes logo to the right and then the subscribe button. I'm not in the directory yet, but I will be listed within a few days.


To subscribe to Mormon Truth Uncensored, through iTunes, you can also just click here.

Congrats, as you are now subscribed and who knows, maybe the Mormon God or even better, the anti-Mormon God, will smile upon us all and allow this podcast to actually be listed in iTunes.)

This is my first addition of Mormon Truth Uncensored and I'm just gonna call it...MTU #1, #2, etc and then a brief description in the Title about what I'm gonna talk about.

Tonight, I must address a local, Mormon, radio talk show host, who is named Van Hale. I have been listening to his show, off an on, since last summer and we have been corresponding for the last week, through Emails, about what is considered to be "Mormon Doctrine."

Of course, he easily dismisses anything that is contradictory to the beautiful painting, that he wants to paint, of the Mormon Church and it's glorious, inspired cult Hierarchy.

Last week, we had Email correspondence and He mentioned me and quoted some of my Emails last week on his show, so now, I'm gonna do him the same service. I fully expect him to continue discussing me this week, as I guess I've inspired him to have this topic and keep it going for two weeks, on what is "official Mormon Doctrine."

You guys need to know what this guy is saying and I hope the Mormon Hierarchy is listening as well.

If I, as a Mormon, or any TBM for that matter, went public and said what he says on a regular basis, on his talk show and in Emails, I'd be called to a "court of love" and most likely exed. Many people have been exed or called to a "court of love" for saying or writing far less then Van Hale gets away with.

Maybe we should start a countdown as to when he will be called in. Of course, the ol' double standard kicks in for some reason, when it involves Van Hale and I'm not sure why.

So, I would like to explore his comments and why and how he gets away with what he does.

I was also pleasantly surprised, that even Jared, the die-hard Mormon Apologist, from my 4 part podcast interview, weighed in on the subject and sent Van Hale an Email, calling my assertions on what is "official doctrine" to be absurd.

Enjoy everyone and I will be doing much more on this subject, in a full podcast with the audio clips of what Van Hale has been saying and many more Email excerpts of what he has written to me, along with what Jared has to say. I wasn't going to make it public, but now they have taken it public, so I will respond accordingly and defend myself against their attacks, such as calling my views absurd.

Thanks for tuning in and as always, thanks for your support.

Samuel the Utahnite

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mormon Truth Uncensored-A Very Brief Introduction!!

MP3 File

Hey, I was just hanging out and had a few minutes and I called this in on my cell phone. It isn't the greatest quality, but hey, it's okay, and as good as it's gonna get, when I'm on my cell phone or probably any phone. I just had a few things on my mind and I wanted to get this podcast started.

Samuel the Utahnite

Mormon Truth Uncensored's Description And Purpose!!

This podcast is a supplement to my Mormon Truth Podcast. In this podcast, I will discuss current events and what is happening right now.

There will be no music, no frills, no bells and whistles and no editing. I will just pick up the phone or my headphones and just talk about whatever I feel like, on any given day, at any given moment.

This podcast will give me the freedom to keep everyone up to date on current events, as they happen and it will be a great addition, to the Mormon Truth Family. I hope that you guys enjoy this new podcast and format and I look forward to your feedback.

Thanks everyone, for all of your support and keep spreading the "Real Truth" of the Mormon cult!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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