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Mormon Truth Uncensored #2-Christians, Hinckley And Many Other Miscellaneous Topics

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This podcast includes a little bit of everything and is just a hodgepodge of topics and things that are and have been on my mind.

This podcast was recorded on the 4th of July, so I first give a shout out to the troops and thank them for all that they do, along with their families, to ensure us the freedoms here in America and others, in other parts of the world, to do such things as record and listen to this podcast.

I want to thank all the troops, from all over the world, that are fighting terrorism in unity, to protect us and our families and our countries.


I then start off talking about the horrific gang rape of two sister missionaries in South Africa, which is considered to be the Gang rape Capital of the world.

I also comment about Hinckley's new self-named building/visitor's center at BYU-Provo and what a huge, massive deal it was for the Church to publicize it, disgustingly so I might add. If only I could touch that same shovel he touched....please!!

I talk about Jeffrey Nielsen, the BYU professor that came out in opposition of the Mormon First Presidency and their views on homosexuals and their rights to be able to marry.

I talk about the judgmental Christian view of things and how ridiculous and hypocritical it is for them to be judging and condemning anyone that doesn't believe exactly as they do, while condemning Mormons for doing the same exact thing. Now I'm not sure who's worse, the Christian activists or the Mormon die-hards and hierarchy.

I also talk about comments on my blogs and my 1 year anniversary of being out of the Mormon cult, along with a few other things. Again, I thank all of you for your support and lets keep it rolling and help as many people as we can, to discover the truth of the Mormon cult and/or deal with the discovery of the Mormon fraud.

Samuel the Utahnite


At Fri Jul 07, 12:58:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Ray said...

It seems like I'm always the first to post a comment. If you listen to one podcast, listen to this one! All I can say is WOW!

At Sat Jul 08, 12:32:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

really great. thanks for an awesome podcast. I have been gone for a while, but was so glad to hear this podcast when I came back.

You are awesome,

At Sun Jul 09, 07:21:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Martin said...

Hi Samuel,
just listened to your latest show, and I have to admit I was very impressed.
The opinion you express about Eric Hoffman is identical to what I think about him.

Especially the point that he does not believe in God, but in HIS OWN INTERPRETATION of God and the bible.
That is I think a very important insight into the religious fanatisicm he and others represent.
When Eric has preached his version of Jesus, God and the bible, we are only to bow our head and say "yes"
(Temple-worthy Mormons may instinctly raise their right arm to the angle now!),
or we have to face eternal death.
This actually does not express anything but his own unforgiveness and his own egocentric beliefs.
The only God Eric worships is himself, his personal opinion, his attitudes and views of the world.
Then, he picks up the bible and interprets it the way he wants. Thus, he imposes his own opinions on God.
And in the end, we all have to follow his interpretation or die.

I recently had a discussion with him on his board about homosexuality, and he does not base his interpretation of the bible
on rational thoughts but purely on his subjective opinion. He talks about historical background whenever it fits his opinion, but omits
any reference to it in other cases. He always refers to "the context" which is of course also chosen to fit his beliefs.
In the end, he extracts that opinion out of the bible he had anyway held before.

Thus, Eric Hoffman and other die-hard Christians do not believe in an external being they call God, but only in a projection of themselves.
They project their own beliefs into the bible by interpreting it accordingly, and then want to impose their own personal opinion on the whole world by converting them to "the one and only God, the God of the bible", consider themselves to be "nondenominational Christians", but only their personal point of view on God and the bible is the only true and living booksto... err... doctrine on the face of planet earth.

Anyway, I'm glad that you didn't fall into these fallacies and share their die-hard homophobic egocentric selfrighteous ultra-rightwing sexist personal opinion they call "the God of the bible".

Just want to thank you for the truth you are presenting to the world, keep growing,
and as it is your "2nd birthday" out of the LDS cult, happy anniversary to you!

P.S.: As "homo" is not an insult, what is the point of your anonymous spammer anyway?

At Thu Jul 13, 04:16:00 PM 2006, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...


I appreciate your comments, both here and over on Eric Hoffman's new site. Funny how Eric can't really answer your questions, rather he just lashes out at you with other questions that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. It's more about, "you used and offensive word" or "speak too strongly", "have bad intentions", "referred to a highly offensive website, full of F bombs and a pornographic picture", etc. It is laughable, very telling and eye opening, how he is handling someone like you, that asks great, honest questions, that make him look ridiculous, isn't it?

Sorry that I didn't respond before now, but hey Eric, you coward, why don't you come over here to my blog, where I won't censor you and show us your cojones, if you have any. Good God, he's losing his mind!! I'm certainly not welcome on his new website, due to my uncontrollable, foul language, name calling and pornographic pictures, but mostly, due to my opposition to his beliefs and 3 in 1 God. Anyone that disagrees strongly with Eric, is no longer welcome in his world or on his website, with his new, "FAIResque" no tolerance policy.

Amazing how he used to endlessly bitch to me about how FAIR edited his comments and took down his 10 page thread, that he started and now, he's doing the same thing. Get some meds dude, as you are losing touch with all reality!!

Eric is NOT, the same person I met back in February and has become a Christian fanatic, that no longer uses his brain or allows or has any tolerance for anyone to have any other belief, other than his and this is a very sad turn of events.

He talks about being brainwashed and wonder if he knows that he's there right now and doesn't even know it? I truly feel bad for people in cults, but if they think they are happy, what can I do about it. If they want to know the truth, they can seek it out.

In a post yesterday, on his new pathetic, poorly laid out website, which censors people like Martin and myself, out of fear, where the side column is higher than the center column..LOL..he said, to Martin:

"I dont know if you read my "Forum Policy" thread....But you linked to a site that I find highly offensive. Samuel the Utahnite is a great guy but his photo in his title of his new site is some what pornographic.

Okay, first of all Eric, girls in bikinis are now considered pornographic in your pathetic, Christian eyes? Are you kidding me? You are far worse than any Mormon ever was, that I've ever known, wow!!

So,if you see a girl in a bikini, do you lose all control and feel as if you have committed adultery. I pray to your 3 in 1 God, that you never have gone or ever will go to a beach, or you might "lose your soul forever" and that would be just awful.

Eric, you are the biggest hypocrite phony, that I've ever known in my entire life. I guess you are trying to really put on the the big show for your Christian pals and listeners, so that they think you are next to Jesus or something.

I guess you forgot about the fact that I introduced you to "The Salamander Society", where all of these pictures come from and how we used to go through them together(including that very photo on my blog), online and laugh our asses off, TOGETHER. Never once did you express abhorrence, toward those pictures and in fact, began using them on your blogs.

You even sent me a few, or guided me to a few, that were quite off color, that you loved. Now you are crying PORNOGRAPHY over girls in bikinis and that you find my site to be "highly offensive?"

Eric, did you really think that I wouldn't see these comments and respond, or are you really just that stupid and dumb? Maybe you are just naive!! Whatever the case is, you are clearly a hypocrite and extremely delusional and I want everyone to know it.

Also his posts are littered with 4 letter curse words. This to me is not suitable for people TRULY seeking answers.

Now, this is just another one of your flat out lies Eric, as you keep digging your hole of deceit and blatant false statements about me, deeper and deeper, each and everyday. You are easier to expose than Mormonism, so keep talking homie.(just using the word that you used toward me yesterday in Skype.)

First of all, there is not one F*** word, better known as a "four letter word", in any of my posts on any of my 3 blogs. I put the stars there, so as not to burn your uber Christian pupils Eric and cause you permanent soul damage, even though I've heard you say the F word in conversation.

Eric, how do you feel that you can just openly spew these blatant and pathetic lies about me and not have me call you on them. Are you disconnected from all reality? Do you need mental help? I'm speaking seriously, because something is very, very wrong with you and you are completely embarrassing yourself, as your speak mis-truths.

Maybe to you, 4 letter words are shit, damn and hell....but ass is 3 letters, add hole to it and that would be 7 letters. Hmm...yeah, if these words offend you, which you personally use on a regular basis, or at least you did with me on the phone, or Skype, then once again, you are just flat out a hypocrite, pretending to be one thing, while really being another. You would make a perfect Mormon leader in the Hierarchy and maybe you should consider becoming a Mormon, working your way up the ranks and one day, being the Mormon Prophet.

Then you could be just like Hinckley and all the rest, living a two-faced, hypocritical existence, like you already do, but you'd get paid well for it.

....Or you can post all over Samuels blog, seeing that you guys seem to agree on things. Martin...I dont know why you are obsessed with posting here. What are your motives??? I have asked you this all over this board....still awaiting an answer.

Grace and Peace to you.....

(Cut the grace and peace bullshit Eric, as you wouldn't even know what those words mean, as you condemn anyone that doesn't believe what you believe, "to lose their soul forever." Grace and peace my ass!!)

Funny Eric, how in the beginning, when you encouraged everyone to respond, invited everyone's comments and now, you've shut it down to only people that agree with you and your "only true path."

Anyone else that responds, instead of answering their questions, you begin peppering them with questions like, "what do you believe, what is your purpose, what are your motives, why do you post here, etc."

It's ridiculous and now you edit and approve every comment, making sure that anyone that disagrees with your pathetic views, goes away, while you blast them for what they say, etc.

You are turning into a complete joke Eric and it must be embarrassing as hell(oops, I dropped a 4 letter word..LOL), to be you. I also love how you've gone away from the hardcore rock music, to open and close your podcasts, to the softer, fluffier, pretty Christian music. Did you think that nobody would notice? I'll also have to play that Spencer Kimball audio clip that you made and sent me, so that everyone can hear it.

I personally have no problem with it, as Kimball is one of the most evil, pathetic, Mormon Prophets ever and he wrote one of the most evil, life altering books ever written. However, this clip that you made, certainly doesn't seem very Christlike does it? Is that why you sent it to me to use? LOL!! Again, you were just trying to keep up your charade, weren't you?

So, hey Martin, if you want to say something, anything about Eric, feel free to do it here and I will not edit it. If you want to write an entire post on Eric Hoffman, the fake and hypocritical Christian, feel free to do so and I'll post in on my main blog, which gets about 9,000 + hits a month. I can read it on my podcasts, which get about 1,000 downloads each.

Let's let everyone know the truth about this fraud called Eric Hoffman, that claims to have such a big heart for Mormons, while condemning them to "lose their soul forever", if they don't follow him and what he has decided is best for his life and family.

Thanks Martin for your comments and I wouldn't waste my time on Eric's site anymore, because he'll just keep asking you what your purpose is, why you're there and delete anything meaningful that you write.

One last thing, for all of those Mormon Truth readers/listeners out there, that want to drop this phony Christian poser a line, here is his new Email Address:

Please feel free and safe to do so, because he clearly states, on his website:

All emails are totally confidential. Please feel free to share with me your thoughts, feelings and concerns. I want to help all people however I can. Thank you for visiting the website....

God Bless!!

So, he is bound by his own words, that he won't share anything you say to him, so let's test him out. I encourage everyone to write this clown and tell him how you really feel, but please don't include any swearage, or pictures of girls in bikinis, because that would throw him into some other realm, from which he may never return or repent from.

I could respect his no swearing and no girls in bikinis, if I didn't know for myself, that these things really don't bother him at all, at least privately.

Also, Eric, if you managed to get past the horribly pornographic picture, to this comment section and are reading this comment, do yourself a favor and quit attacking me personally, with your lies and mis-truths, if you don't want me to attack you personally in response.

I'd like to keep it on the subject of "everyone will lose their soul forever", if they don't follow you and your beliefs, instead of having to keep responding to your blatant lies and falsities, that you are spreading about me, which doesn't seem very Christlike, does it? I think that you need to go repent to your God for your actions.

Also, Martin, if you would, please drop me an Email, that would be great. I also wanted to thank Ray and Bonnie for their comments and support, along with everyone else.

I think we here at Mormon Truth, need to come together as one and let people like Eric know, that we don't appreciate him/them condemning us to "lose our souls forever", when he has absolutely no authority from anybody, to do so. He thinks that the Mormons have problems.....well, maybe he needs to go take a look in the mirror. This guy actually thinks that he speaks on and in behalf of God?!!

Just who does this guy think he is anyway, Jesus Christ reincarnate?!!

Talk to everyone soon,


At Thu Jul 13, 08:12:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your view of the world. I used to really enjoy Eric's podcasts, but in the last one, something he said raised a red flag. i did got back and listen to parts of other podcasts, and holy crap--I had a shock. Eric, I thought was a great guy preaching love and grace. He may indeed be a nice guy, but he is preaching intolerance. It is his way or you are going to hell.

Even the Mormon Church, which I think is a blatant farce, treats people better than that.

I have deleted his podcast from my iTune list. i no longer wish to listen to him or that Jesus not Joseph man. They are both more intolerant thatn any mormon I have met...and I think the LDS church stinks.

Wow, what an eye opener it was when I stopped focusing on his anti_mormon message and began focusing on HIS message. He seems to think he knows all the answers to our way to God. I have met other christian activists, and none of them has been as intolerant as Eric.

i do not hate him, I merely no longer wish to listen to his intolerance. When somebody says peace and grace, I would think they would want to truly show THAT to the world. Instead it seems that his message of Jesus or go to hell comes across loud and clear.

Eric seems so much like those very Mormon missionaries that are blinded by their message--THEY are right, everybody else is wrong, and they are going to PROVE it to others by pursuing them, trying to pound their message into others.

It Eric's message was truly Christlike, I would expect peace and love and understanding. this I do not get from his podcast or new website.

At Thu Jul 13, 08:33:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more comment from me, I want to get away from focusing on Eric's intolerance or hypocrisy. He is not longer a force of good in my life, I have trashed his podcast. most people will not longer listen to him since he is pulling the same intolerannt preachiness that the Mormon Church pulls.

I know you have said you want to discuss things @ Eric publicly, and I think since he ripped into you, you could certainly rip into him. BUT in the long run, people are simply going to walk away from his podcast because his message is no better than the Mormon's or any group who so wholly condemns another's point of view.

i am no longer subscribed to his podcast, and I won't read his website because it also preaches intolerance.

I am going to focus on having a great summer, feeling the energy and wonder of life. I hope that you will not waste any more of your time on someone who is so unChristlike in his approach toward the lives of others.

Take care,
Arbeiten (you know me by another name) ohhh, having a secret name kind of reminds me of my temple days. bye for now. : )


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