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Mormon Truth Uncensored #3-More On The Brutal Assault And Rape Of Two Mormon Sister Missionaries In South Africa

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Okay guys, I had to do more follow-up on this horrific and awful situation!! First of all, in the news article that I shared with you guys last week, in podcast MTU #2, about the brutal and horrific robbery, gang rape and assault of these two young women, the mission president, Brock Jolley, was quoted as saying:

"The two 'sisters' voluntarily gave up 18 months of their lives to make a difference in this country.

"Now, they're getting the best care money can buy. When this is over, they plan to remain in South Africa and complete their missionary work."

So, Mr. Danny Brock, pathetic mission president, of Bountiful Utah, wanted to make sure that everyone knew that these two sisters, despite being gang raped, most likely at knife point, for as long as 2 hours, robbed and one of them shot in the stomach, that "they plan to remain in South Africa and complete their missionary work."

He also wanted to reassure everyone how safe the area was, and what a safe time of day it was, in order to cover his own ass, along with the Mormon Church's, when he said the following:

"They were walking alongside a busy road (the old Harding highway), which they knew well. Moreover, it was one of the busiest times of the day with cars whizzing past. Safer than that, you would not get."

Now, one of the main reasons that I'm doing this follow-up to what I said in podcast #2, is because the ABC affiliate, Channel 4, here in Salt Lake, interviewed Danny Brock's daughter about the situation and she is nothing but a brainwashed member of the Mormon cult, whose dad is a mission president in said cult. You can go and read the transcript of the interview, which I cover in this podcast and I also encourage everyone to watch the actual video interview, in order to see the far off, cult look in her eyes.

Her final statement, that pretty much sums things up in perfect TBM form, was:

"Bad things happen everywhere and it's unfortunate. My heart goes out to those poor sisters and their families but the work must go on."

Molly is just reminding us of the fact that the cold and heartless Mormon Church hierarchy doesn't really care what happens to any of their members, especially the volunteer missionaries, as M. Russell Ballard says (right after the deaths of Elders Benjamin Ellsworth and Morgan W. Young and the 2 Elders in New Zealand):

"This work will continue to go forward regardless of what happens, regardless of what the future may hold. If there are other missionaries that are hurt or other missionaries that are killed, it will not stop this work."

Text of the remark

Audio of the remark

For those of you considering a mission for the Mormon cult, please reconsider, because they will not protect you or care one iota about you, even if you die, get sick or seriously injured. The number one objective, once you are under their control, and I mean CONTROL, is that you finish your mission.

If necessary, they will send you to unsafe areas and countries, in order to further their agenda of numbers, baptisms, image and tithing dollars. If you die, the work will go on, without missing a beat and oh yeah, those "holy, magic garments" will not protect you if somebody shoots you, hits you with a car, rapes you, or assaults you, so just stay home, don't believe their fairy tales and go to school, marry the girl or guy that you love and continue on with your life and you'll be much better off in the long run.

After all, you don't have to serve a Mormon mission, in order to have an experience abroad and learn another language.

Take care everyone and thanks again for your support!!

Samuel the Utahnite


At Wed Jan 03, 05:00:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand that you no longer believe the Mormon Church to be true and you are allowed that opinion but why are you hiding behind some made up name?

If the truth shall make you free than maybe you need to stand up and be a man and let us really know who you are and what you stand for.


At Thu Jan 04, 02:56:00 PM 2007, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey DGC, why are hiding behind your initials? If you're so damn brave and calling me out, why don't you just give me your name, home address, phone number, etc, or even just your full name and then I can Google you and know all about you and find out anything I want, right down to your SS # and credit history? What's up dude?

First of all, I respect my family too much, that are true-believing Mormons, or that have left quietly or that have to live in this fucked up "Village of a state" Utah, which is predominantly Mormon, especially where we live.

They would be punished for my "sins" and held accountable for me being an apostate and you know damn well that's true. So, I want to save them the shame, embarrassment and harassment that would ensue.

Secondly, I don't use my real name, in order to protect our personal property, and to also protect both them and myself from bodily harm, as there are a ton of mentally/emotionally unstable people out there that would literally slash our tires, burn our house down or just kill us. You don't read my Email, do you DGC?

They come from the Brigham Young days where "Blood Atonement" and "killing apostates" was in vogue and acceptable and encouraged. I've had many threats of what people would like to do to me and my family and threats about my "impending death."

Does that answer your question? Hopefully I've enlightened you, but obviously you are a brainwashed TBM, that can't even begin to comprehend a word I'm speaking of.

Just for kicks, at your next Testimony meeting, get up and declare the Mormon church a fraud and all the reasons why(using anti-Mormon talking points) and see what happens.

Report back and let us all know if your life changes at all or if you or your family and friends are treated differently. Religion is serious business in Utah and these insane, temple-going TBMS aren't playing and will do whatever it takes to defend God's Kingdom.

That's why people like Deconstructor, have had to remain anonymous for years now. It's not worth the personal risk to us or our families.


At Tue Apr 03, 02:41:00 PM 2007, Blogger Cameron said...

The church does care about people and what happens to its members, but you need to move on in all things. Did America suddenly just give up everything after the September 11th attacks? No, we moved on, while still showing care and compasion for those affected by the attacks. You must accept the things that happen in life and move. It's part of the journey of life. I'm sure there are people who are worried about you and want to try and bring you back into the church someday; maybe your family or people from your old ward? Your blind to the real truth or just refuse to accept it. Instead you try to hide behind what you want to make out as the real truth. I hope someday when your older you will realize your mistakes, and when that day comes the church will be there for you with open and loving arms to welcome you again. Remember, God will always love you no matter what. Take care.

At Wed Apr 04, 01:11:00 PM 2007, Blogger S said...


I'm mot a mormon. I was blessed to have parents to read the bible to me when I was a kid, and i personaly studyed it, so I didn't believe the things the missionaries told me when they came. After telling them what the truth is, they left, but I kept searching cause i had questions, since what they said didn't make sence and I wanted to know how they justefy it. Turs out, the more I know, the more I'm socked at how they either lied to me or how little they actually knoew of thier own belief.

I was shoked that they didn't take those girls home and give them proper care around thier families. My biggest problem is, the following. I don't know about Africa, I'm Dutch and i spend most of my life on Curaçao. If african men are like men from Curaçao, then I wouldn't expect them to be raped, but since they don't know the area or the poeple, they automaticlly become eazy targets. And to me it would make sence to put these girls with a male missionary so they are not walking the streets alone. But somehow i have the feeling that they don't let male and female be in the same place for fear of them being "tempted" to do something sinful. But I'll say this to the LDS," One of the fruits of the Spirit is selfcontrol, and Romans teaches that the Spirit lives in the Christian, so that shouldn't be a consern. Besides, even ateist can be around peole of the opposite sex and still not do anything sinful, so LSD should be able too. It's an easy decition, sin or no becomming god (which is not what the bible teaches. Anything you put in the place/position of God is sinfull, wrong, idolotry, arogancy and vanety) I guess a missionary would quite easily pick not to do the sin. But on the other hand, the mormon hell doesn't sound like an awfull place so, they could incline to sin and go ther and not become a god.

If they were allowed to be in pair, male and femal, it would make things safer for the girls, I believe.


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