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Mormon Truth Uncensored #5-My Response To A Guy who calls himself "Jose/Raul The Real Lamanite"

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This is my response to a commenter who calls himself Jose "the real Lamanite." I discuss his comments where he said:

"I have a theory about you and you Hinkley hating. Its this:

You served in argentina, they F'd your mind up, you come back states, marry in the temple but can't stop mastubating (hence all those post on mastubation). You where probably told off by Mickelsen, or told by him to stop playing with your dick, so hate him too."

Yeah, it's amazing how he nailed it with that comment and his very deep and intelligent insights....LOL....NOT!!

I also respond to some other things he's said and his main question of how do I dismiss the whole "feelings" thing in the church. He again has his own theory on how to "'prove' the church false."

Jose also says:

"You know you will never fully succeed in this endevour because your not attacking what keeps the church alive, and that is the presence of the spirit. To 'prove' the church false you'd need to somehow get the spirit to leave meetings. Only way to do that, I'm convinced, is to get everyone hooked on porn or, like you, masturbation. Entiende??"

Yeah, this man is obsessed, just like his Mormon Hierarchy and leaders, with the masturbation issue, but has since backed off it a little. He was leaving better, more intelligent comments, that actually had something to do with the issues and why us ex-Mormons leave the church, but now has reverted back to racist and perverted comments and insults and is the first person that I've banned from my blog. I will not tolerate blatant racists on my blog, since I've been fighting so hard against the racist Mormon teachings and history, which they refuse to apologize for.

This was the final comment, that got his ass booted, with the main part highlighted in red. As you can see, he really respects his wife a lot too:

"Neither is Ted Bundy's family responsible for his outrageous acts, nor Dalmers family.. nor my family responsible for my insults here, nor Samuel's Young Mens President responsilbe for Samuel apostacy even if the man raped Samuel the Utahnite (white boy!), nor is Utah society responsible for making Mitchell a kiddnapper...ahhhhhh I'm going to try to get laid now to calm me down a bit (if I can still trick my wife into wanting me!!!!!!!!!)"

It's amazing that he considers himself to be a good Mormon, with a fairly high calling and of course a temple recommend which he obviously obtains through lying about his worthiness, as we can all clearly see. He is a horrible example of a "good Mormon" and is an embarrassment to himself, family, friends and any good Mormon or Christian. You can read the comments of this post, to see what "Jose" said and what our responses were.

Good Riddance Jose/Raul!!

Samuel the Utahnite


At Sun Feb 25, 06:50:00 PM 2007, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Jose, I said that any future comments(which included all of my blogs) by you would be deleted, after your litany of racial slurs, false, perverted accusations against myself and several others and then talking about my young men's President raping me. I meant what I said.

You are scum and nothing but a low-life piece of shit and I've asked you repeatedly to stop leaving comments, which you've agreed to do more than once. So, why do you keep leaving comments Jose? I need to get a life? Be a man of your word, as I've been in deleting your comments and stop making them.

Now piss off and find someplace else to go and insult and accuse people, since you are such a great example to the world of what Mormonism is all about and what it can turn you into.


At Fri Mar 02, 10:03:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My kid brother served his mission in Argentina (almost 10 years ago now), and he said it was rough. My husband served there as well. If you don't mind me asking, where in Argentina did you serve?

take care,

***by the way, Jose is just an embarrassment all around!

At Wed May 09, 04:21:00 AM 2007, Blogger Ryan said...

Hey Samuel,

Nice site, I've listened to many of your podcasts and generally find myself coming back to your site. So kudos on all the work.

The double-standards you set up for yourself (or ex-mormons) vs. the church leaders is always funny to me though. The most recent example (to my listening) was listening to your Jose podcast. You rail on mormon leadership for lack of free speech ("go to church... and raise your hand in church and ask if Joseph Smith had sex with 14 year old girls... and see what happens..."). Then not only 5 minutes later you talk about how you censor people you don't want in your skypecasts.

I realize you have to do that to keep a semblance of order in your skypecasts. But you can't see the church might have to do that in their church meetings as well? You're a reasonable guy, hopefully you understand the double-standard there.


At Wed May 09, 08:25:00 AM 2007, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Well Ryan, I think you are a little confused to say the least.

First of all, banning the asshole "Jose", was necessary due to the fact he was literally leaving me 20-30 + comments a day and re-posting the same comments over and over, thus why I had to go to a "registered format" only. I would delete them and he'd post it 3 more times.

The guy talked about my dick, that I was raped by my Young men's leader, he was a racist, spewed racial hatred and was just a real perverted SOB and insulted and offended everyone that commented on my blog.

It's my blog and I can boot off anyone I want, anytime I want and he wasn't going to run the show on my blog.

Oh yeah and EVERYONE, including the TBMs that were posting, wanted him gone and all agreed with me, after having given him the benefit of the doubt repeatedly and questioning why I would banish him in the first place.

In the end, after his last comments, EVERYONE was in agreement that he had to go.

As far as my Skypecasts go, they are for ex-Mormons. I didn't set up a Skypecast for the Goddamn Christians to come in every week and try to fucking preach to us, convert us and then condemn us, due to the error of our ways, in not believing exactly what they believe.

I spent hours, week after week, entertaining these assholes and I've just had it with them. I debated Eric Hoffman for about an hour plus and the weeks before, I spent an hour and half with one Christian Evangelical nutjob, that said we all deserved to die, be executed and die and that even children deserved to literally burn to death, because they were sinners, etc.

Then another woman came in, thinking we were all active Mormons(because people are too damn dumb to read the description) and tried to convert us. One week, my podcast and listing were banned by Skype, because someone complained it was too offensive. Gee, I wonder who that was?

Maybe it was because I mentioned in the description that fanatical Evangelicals "would get their asses booted out?" Are you one of these pathetic clowns Ryan? I notice that I've never received a comment from you before that I can find and that you have no blog, no fact you could be Eric or Aaron or Jose.

Is Fanatical, nutjob Christianity the point or subject of my Skypecast? NO, it isn't!!

If I wanted to do a Skypecast on nutjob fanatical Christians, that's what I'd entitle my Skypecast. Make sense?

Why should I spend the whole Goddamn podcast listening to some fucking Christian nutjob tell me that I'm fucked and going to burn in flames if I don't follow him. Do you really think that people want to hear this bullshit week after week, hour after hour?

I'm sure you do, but hey, just go hang out in Aaron Shaf's Mormon/Christian Skypecast, if they even still have it and you're dreams will come true.

Furthermore, there are only two assholes that are officially banned and not welcome to my Skypecasts and they are Eric Hoffman and Aaron Shafovaloff.

They know this and still insist in coming in, acting like the assholes they are and trying to disrupt the Skypecast, wanting to talk to me, messaging everyone in the room and acting like fatal attractions. Why are they so obsessed with me?

They claim my revealing of their DVD plan was a blessing and plan directly from their God and so is my persecution of them...God's what's the problem? Oh, maybe they want to publicly thank me for all I've done...LOL!!

Again, if this is what you want and who you want to hear from and talk to, then work something out with them and have a great time.

I'm sure you could do a three way Skypecast with them every week and then you'd have your fill of the Christian nutjobs. I'm done with them and have no desire to continually debate them and their absurd beliefs and blanket condemnation of every living soul that doesn't follow them.

In short, they can all go FUCK themselves and I've told them this repeatedly, so pass the good word onto them next time you talk to them.

Eric Hoffman, as I've carefully detailed and pointed out repeatedly, is a hypocritical asshole and a bold faced liar and I don't associate with those type of people in my life and they don't deserve my time or attention.

I shouldn't have even debated Eric when he came into the Skypecast, knowing he wasn't welcome and after begging to be my friend for 10 months, but I'm glad I did, since I caught him a bold faced lie once again, that all will soon be able to hear on my new Mormon Skypecast podcast, soon to be released on iTunes.

Furthermore, anyone else can come into my Skypecasts and listen all day long, but if I let them talk and their goal is to convert me to their ideology and to condemn us, they're done and I'm crystal clear about that. Why is that hypocritical? The Skypecast is to discuss Mormonism, not Christianity, unless we are applying it to Mormonism.

I've only had problems with 3 people since I started nearly 2 years ago and they are "Jose", Eric and Aaron and nobody else and it's only because they are all hate-filled bigots and "Jose" is also a big time racist and perverted freak-show that thinks Joseph Smith's sex with kids and other men's wives, is a wonderful thing, ordained of God.

I have only deleted comments one other time and then re-posted them later, as they were personally attacking someone that they knew NOTHING about. But I'm a hypocrite with double standards for my censoring of these few assholes? Give me a break!!

By the way, where's your blog Ryan?(I noticed that you have no profile, no blogs, nothing and I have no previous messages from you either...are you a first time poster?) Where are your podcasts or Skypecasts? If you ever have any, can I go on them and use the F word 50 times in a row, talk about your dick repeatedly, that your fucked in the head, condemn you to burn in flames, insult and condemn everyone that participates there and do it everyday, every week, month, every Skypecast, over and over and over?

Would you allow me or anyone to do that? Would you EVER draw the line or just let me run your blogs, your Skypecast and you? I wouldn't expect you to allow me to behave like that, anymore than these losers should expect me to allow it. My level of tolerance is very high, but these 3 have met that level and far surpassed it.

My suggestion Ryan is to start your own podcast and encourage all fanatical Evangelicals to join in and hell, you can even invite "Jose" and just have a blast. Oh yeah and I won't be trying to get in every week and then begging and pleading to talk to you, for you to please be my friend, messaging everyone in the room, asking why you are so afraid of me, why you won't talk to me, why you hate me so much, etc.

Does that answer your question? In fact, if you aren't Aaron or Eric in disguise, why don't you come into my next Skypecast and we'll openly talk about my so called hypocrisy, my censoring of these assholes and how it's identical to what the Mormon Hierarchy that would be a great discussion that I'm sure all would enjoy it.

In fact, if you are really Jose(who still visits my blogs all the time) and you aren't too big of a pussy to join my Skypecast, I'd love to talk you anytime...just tell me when and I’ll be sure to be there and we'll get your voice out there for all to hear.

We'll be able to finally hear if you are a gringo or Latino(you've told so many lies about your identity, where you're from, what you do, etc, etc), if you have an accent and maybe out of the thousands that hear the podcast, somebody will recognize you and we can solve that mystery.

You see, I'll debate a Mormon or Mormon apologist every single week, because THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH MORMONISM and fanatical Evangelicals don't!! Capiche?!!

The bottom line is that there is a big difference between free speech, thought and expression, which the church condemns and I embrace and hate speech and outright bigotry, which I condemn and these Evangelicals and Mormon Hierarchy practice and embrace.

Do you see me condemning innocent people, homosexuals, blacks, women, and people that aren't condemning others? When I condemn the Mormon Hierarchy, I have facts to back up everything I'm saying and they aren't just baseless accusations.

Do you see me openly condemning everyone on earth to literally burn in the flames of hell, with Satan, if they don't follow me or believe every word I say? No, you don't.

Ryan, if you want a true free speech blog, that includes and contains hate speech, bigotry, racism, etc, then start your own and have fun, but you won't find it on my blogs.


At Wed May 09, 10:27:00 AM 2007, Blogger Ryan said...

Wow, quite a rant. Do you have that few readers/listerners that you assume any and all negative comments are from the same person? Further, what's with devoting entire podcasts to an obvious troll? It made you look a little uneven yourself, to be honest. I agree with you, the Jose dude should have been banned. Any other community would have quietly done it long ago rather than give him/her the satisfaction of so much attention. Which is of course what he's after, that's Internet Board 101.

Anyway, to answer your question I'm not any of those dudes you mentioned. I've never heard of any of them. I'm a first time poster, have been lurking around your site on and off for a couple of months now. I'm LDS. I don't have a podcast and/or blog. I disabled the profile thing because I didn't want my e-mail being shown. Not really looking for friends here, and don't really want any personal information displayed (and yeah, I'm probably being overly protective). I assume your name isn't really Samuel the Utahnite along the same lines.

But if I did have a podcast or whatever, sure I'd monitor who I allowed to post, speak, etc. But I'm not the one that claimed that occasional censorship was a bad thing.

I just found that contradiction in the podcast funny, that's all. I hear little things like that a lot in your podcasts and for whatever reason finally felt I should post about it. No, I don't have other examples off the top of my head, that'd take going back and re-listening. But I'm sure if I take notes next time I listen to one of your podcasts I can come up with some constructive criticism if you'd like. I'm betting you wouldn't.

Regarding the skypecast, I don't really know what it is. You mentioned I had to download software or something for it? Probably a little more work than it's worth.

Anyway, do I get my own podcast dedicated to me now?



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