Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mormon Truth Uncensored #1-Van Hale

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***Update-June 19, 2006***The anti-Mormon God has intervened or conquered the Mormon God, or maybe hell just froze over twice, because iTunes has accepted my podcast. Can you believe it? That gives me hope that I can somehow get my other main podcast, "MORMON TRUTH" re-listed.

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This is my first addition of Mormon Truth Uncensored and I'm just gonna call it...MTU #1, #2, etc and then a brief description in the Title about what I'm gonna talk about.

Tonight, I must address a local, Mormon, radio talk show host, who is named Van Hale. I have been listening to his show, off an on, since last summer and we have been corresponding for the last week, through Emails, about what is considered to be "Mormon Doctrine."

Of course, he easily dismisses anything that is contradictory to the beautiful painting, that he wants to paint, of the Mormon Church and it's glorious, inspired cult Hierarchy.

Last week, we had Email correspondence and He mentioned me and quoted some of my Emails last week on his show, so now, I'm gonna do him the same service. I fully expect him to continue discussing me this week, as I guess I've inspired him to have this topic and keep it going for two weeks, on what is "official Mormon Doctrine."

You guys need to know what this guy is saying and I hope the Mormon Hierarchy is listening as well.

If I, as a Mormon, or any TBM for that matter, went public and said what he says on a regular basis, on his talk show and in Emails, I'd be called to a "court of love" and most likely exed. Many people have been exed or called to a "court of love" for saying or writing far less then Van Hale gets away with.

Maybe we should start a countdown as to when he will be called in. Of course, the ol' double standard kicks in for some reason, when it involves Van Hale and I'm not sure why.

So, I would like to explore his comments and why and how he gets away with what he does.

I was also pleasantly surprised, that even Jared, the die-hard Mormon Apologist, from my 4 part podcast interview, weighed in on the subject and sent Van Hale an Email, calling my assertions on what is "official doctrine" to be absurd.

Enjoy everyone and I will be doing much more on this subject, in a full podcast with the audio clips of what Van Hale has been saying and many more Email excerpts of what he has written to me, along with what Jared has to say. I wasn't going to make it public, but now they have taken it public, so I will respond accordingly and defend myself against their attacks, such as calling my views absurd.

Thanks for tuning in and as always, thanks for your support.

Samuel the Utahnite

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mormon Truth Uncensored-A Very Brief Introduction!!

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Hey, I was just hanging out and had a few minutes and I called this in on my cell phone. It isn't the greatest quality, but hey, it's okay, and as good as it's gonna get, when I'm on my cell phone or probably any phone. I just had a few things on my mind and I wanted to get this podcast started.

Samuel the Utahnite

Mormon Truth Uncensored's Description And Purpose!!

This podcast is a supplement to my Mormon Truth Podcast. In this podcast, I will discuss current events and what is happening right now.

There will be no music, no frills, no bells and whistles and no editing. I will just pick up the phone or my headphones and just talk about whatever I feel like, on any given day, at any given moment.

This podcast will give me the freedom to keep everyone up to date on current events, as they happen and it will be a great addition, to the Mormon Truth Family. I hope that you guys enjoy this new podcast and format and I look forward to your feedback.

Thanks everyone, for all of your support and keep spreading the "Real Truth" of the Mormon cult!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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