Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mormon Truth Uncensored #5-My Response To A Guy who calls himself "Jose/Raul The Real Lamanite"

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This is my response to a commenter who calls himself Jose "the real Lamanite." I discuss his comments where he said:

"I have a theory about you and you Hinkley hating. Its this:

You served in argentina, they F'd your mind up, you come back states, marry in the temple but can't stop mastubating (hence all those post on mastubation). You where probably told off by Mickelsen, or told by him to stop playing with your dick, so hate him too."

Yeah, it's amazing how he nailed it with that comment and his very deep and intelligent insights....LOL....NOT!!

I also respond to some other things he's said and his main question of how do I dismiss the whole "feelings" thing in the church. He again has his own theory on how to "'prove' the church false."

Jose also says:

"You know you will never fully succeed in this endevour because your not attacking what keeps the church alive, and that is the presence of the spirit. To 'prove' the church false you'd need to somehow get the spirit to leave meetings. Only way to do that, I'm convinced, is to get everyone hooked on porn or, like you, masturbation. Entiende??"

Yeah, this man is obsessed, just like his Mormon Hierarchy and leaders, with the masturbation issue, but has since backed off it a little. He was leaving better, more intelligent comments, that actually had something to do with the issues and why us ex-Mormons leave the church, but now has reverted back to racist and perverted comments and insults and is the first person that I've banned from my blog. I will not tolerate blatant racists on my blog, since I've been fighting so hard against the racist Mormon teachings and history, which they refuse to apologize for.

This was the final comment, that got his ass booted, with the main part highlighted in red. As you can see, he really respects his wife a lot too:

"Neither is Ted Bundy's family responsible for his outrageous acts, nor Dalmers family.. nor my family responsible for my insults here, nor Samuel's Young Mens President responsilbe for Samuel apostacy even if the man raped Samuel the Utahnite (white boy!), nor is Utah society responsible for making Mitchell a kiddnapper...ahhhhhh I'm going to try to get laid now to calm me down a bit (if I can still trick my wife into wanting me!!!!!!!!!)"

It's amazing that he considers himself to be a good Mormon, with a fairly high calling and of course a temple recommend which he obviously obtains through lying about his worthiness, as we can all clearly see. He is a horrible example of a "good Mormon" and is an embarrassment to himself, family, friends and any good Mormon or Christian. You can read the comments of this post, to see what "Jose" said and what our responses were.

Good Riddance Jose/Raul!!

Samuel the Utahnite

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